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Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 05/14/17

May 15, 2017

This week’s scripture is from John:

“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I said to you.”   (John 14:26)

What great comfort, what great guidance, we receive from God’s word, for His words are the words of life, words to live by. What a great treasure is opened before us whenever we open the books of the Bible and look into them. There before our eyes in those glorious lines and verses are the pearls of God’s wisdom, the precious silver of His timeless truths, and the lustrous gold nuggets of grace that bring us comfort and joy. Here we are reminded of the promises of God, of the depths of His mercy, of the all-surpassing love that He has for each of us. All these things the Holy Spirit will remind us if we will but ask of Him. Let us not neglect to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, to help us understand God’s word, to guide and direct us.

May the Holy Spirit counsel and teach you as you call upon His name.


Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 06/15/14

June 16, 2014

This week’s scripture is from Romans:

Jesus Christ 4“If God be for us, who can be against us?”     (Romans 8:31b)

We go through seasons of change and stagnation, times of trouble and turmoil, days of distress and duress. We feel the oppression, and the weight of it presses us down. At different times it comes at us in different ways. Work can become overwhelming and deadlines unrelenting; we seek relief, but help is not found. Health can take a sudden turn; illness and injury can take a toll. The outlook may seem dark.

Yet there is no darkness in the Lord. No tribulation or power can stop His love for us. If He is for us, then what can be against us that His love for us cannot conquer, for God’s love is great, and God’s love is powerful.  He gave His one and only son that we might never be separated from Him or the love of Jesus Christ.

May the love of the Lord be your strengthen this day and every day.