Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 03/22/15

This week’s scripture is from Psalms:

man in praise  “My soul thirsts for you;

    My flesh longs for you

    In a dry and thirsty land

    Where there is no water.”   (Psalm 63:1b)

When our soul is languishing in a dry and thirsty place, when it seems a desert separates us from the Lord, and our heart is desolate and aching for Him, only God can fulfill our spiritual thirst. Nothing in this world can satisfy that thirst. No amount of drink or drug, no amount of sex or thrills, no amount of work or distraction, no amount of buying or selling, no amount of ritual or pleasure can quench the power of the thirst for more of God, for He and He alone has what our soul needs.

When the very air we breathe has become dry as dust and our spirit is withered as a winter leaf, we need to immerse ourselves in the Lord, for He is the living water, He is the water of life; we need to drink of Him and drink deeply, and let His life make our soul live again as it is meant to live: refreshed, cleansed, and filled with new life in Christ.

May He who is Living Water bring you new life this very day.


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