Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 01/11/15

This week’s scripture is from Matthew:

Warfare Prayer“But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart” (Matt. 15:18a)

God is not concerned with the status or the learning or the wealth or the appearance of men and women for He looks only at the heart. He looks for those who are pure of heart for they are the people He wants and they are the people He can use to build His kingdom. He looks for the repentant. Let us strive to keep our hearts pure, for an impure heart will be betrayed by what our mouth speaks. When words are let fly they cannot be called back.

If there is wickedness or envy or unforgiveness in our heart, our mouth will speak badly of others and we will slander them. Our tongue can be an untamed fire, a viper, a weapon when turned against another, and this defiles us, for the Lord will not find us blameless if we speak ill of others. Let us get control of our tongue by purifying our hearts. Let us be repentant before the Lord and forgive those who may have themselves slandered us. Let us cleanse our hearts and speak in love.

May the Lord bless you to have a clean heart and to speak in love.


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