Strengthen and Encourage the Brethren 09/19/10

This week’s scripture is from John:

“A man can receive only what is given him from heaven.”   (John 3:27a)

John the Baptist well understood his place in God’s plan. How often has it occurred to us that we might be more effective if we had a certain gift or provision? Or if only this or that was different our ministry would be so much better. Ministry is important, but God, our Father, is most interested in our relationship with Him. He knows the yearnings of our heart, but He also knows his plans for us and for His kingdom. We can only receive what He means for us to have, what is right for us. This is His will for us in Christ Jesus. Let us receive what He has given with joy, thanksgiving, and praise.

May the Lord bless you with His grace and mercy as you minister according to His will.


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